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An old folk house inn

An inn that retains the architectural style of Shiramine. While feeling the taste and taste
Enjoy a special trip time in a private space limited to one group per day.

Shiramine's unique architectural style that remains in the one-building inn Senno The structure of the first-floor board wall and the second-floor clay wall is the Shiramine architectural style unique to heavy snowfall areas. The second floor, with low ceilings and large windows, was built for sericulture. It tells us that sericulture was one of the main industries in the Shiramine village, which is famous for Ushikubi Tsumugi. There is a hearth on the first floor, and the columns and beams are black.


Hakusan-en hot springs, cooking

The quality of the spring is a pure baking soda spring, which is rare in Japan.

The skin after hot water is silky smooth

"Silk skin hot water" because it becomes smooth

It is said that


"Origin of Senno"

Origin of Senno Shiramine still cherishes the store name, and each household has a store name tag.

A shop that has been handed down from generation to generation to bring the old folk house that feels the tradition of Shiramine to life again

I made the issue the name of the inn.


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